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Supply quality Italian food to restaurants and delicatessen

Midlands based wholesaler Italian food distributor serving everyone in the catering industry from restaurants and pubs, to cafes and hotels of various nationalities including; English, Indian, Italian, Asian, French and many more.

Fresh Italian Pasta

Fresh Frozen Pasta

Our pastas are all made using between 5-8 eggs per kilo of flour. Variety of fillings for our filled pastas including; vegetables, fruits, meats, fish, seafood, mushrooms and dairy.

Fresh Italian Cakes & Desserts

Cakes & Desserts

All our cakes and desserts are hand made by a team of patisseries in Italy, with original Italian recipes and using only the best ingredients and fresh produce.

Italian Ice Creams, Sorbets

Ice Creams, Sorbets

Enjoy sheer luxury of genuine Italian gelato, made in Italy to traditional recipes, using fresh fruits, vanilla pod, rich dark chocolate, the finest nuts and pistaccio, and fresh milk.

C&C Fine Foods

We are only a phone call away and are able to offer expert advice 5 days a week from over 50 years experience in the catering industry. We will help you to gain the best from our products and to use them in a way that is efficient, cost effective and above all delicious!



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C&C Fine Foods C&C Fine Foods
Italian food to restaurants and delicatessen Italian food to restaurants and delicatessen Italian food to restaurants and delicatessen