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Wholesale Italian Food Importers of fine Italian Foods for restaurant, pizzeria, hotel, delicatessen
  • Cakes & Desserts

    Cakes & Desserts

    All our cakes and desserts are hand made by a team of patisseries in Italy, using only the best ingredients and fresh produce. We pride ourselves on providing high quality desserts to our customers.
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  • Individual Desserts

    Individual Desserts

    We have a wide selection of individual sweets that are easy to serve from the fridge or straight from the freezer, which ultimately reduces our customer wastage. .
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  • Semifreddo


    Semifreddo are ready to serve from the freezer there is no need to defrost just take out of freezer serve and let it melt in your mouth and they are fresh tasting cost effective as they have a long shelf life in freezer.
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  • Ice Creams, Sorbets and Decorations

    Ice Creams, Sorbets and Decorations

    Enjoy sheer luxury of genuine Italian gelato, made in Italy to traditional recipes, using fresh fruits, vanilla pod, rich dark chocolate, the finest nuts and pistaccio, and fresh milk.
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  • Pasta


    Outstanding ingredients combine in quality and the correct quantities to ensure a bright yellow pasta with exceptional cookability, making it ideal for the catering sector.
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  • Appetizers and Snacks

    Appetizers and Snacks

    Typical Italian style snacks ideal for cocktail bars and restaurants as appetizers pre meal or to accompany cocktails and aperitifs.
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  • Ice Creams, Sorbets and Decorations

    Pastries & Morning Goods

    Ciokorigo Croissant Ready to cook from freezer, place product on a baking tray, preheat oven at 175/c. Cook for 20-22min take out of oven and glaze with sugar syrup.
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  • Bakery


    All breads pizzas and focaccias are made using authentic recipes and are baked in wood burning and stone baked ovens.
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  • Coffee, Biscuits and Accessories

    Coffee, Biscuits and Accessories

    The coffee we use, is made from the best Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, Biscuits come directly from Italy, and are used to accompany espressos, cappuccinos, hot Italian chocolate .
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  • Mushrooms and Truffles

    Mushrooms and Truffles

    Our mushroom and truffles among the finest eating mushrooms you can get and are highly valued by chefs and gourmets.
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  • Antipasto


    Antipasto Wholesale traditional first course of a formal Italian meal assortment of foods, as olives, anchovies, sliced sausage, peppers
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  • Dairy


    Dairy Italian Cheese Wholesale distributor of Italian cheese mozzarella, fresh mozzarella and Foodservice, Food Ingredients, Italian cheeses
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  • Cured Meats

    Cured Meats

    Cured Meats Italian Wholesale have been making an amazing array of cured meats
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  • Frozen Vegetables

    Frozen Vegetables

    Frozen Vegetables Italian Wholesaler Quality supplier of frozen vegetables to restaurants, cafes, hotels, universities and catering trade
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  • Seafood


    Frozen, Fish and Seafood Italian Wholesaler speciality seafood importer and distributor restaurant supplier
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  • Beverage Machines

    Commercial Beverage Machines

    Coffee and tea machines compatible with Nespresso* and Lavazza pods (Lavazza FAP , Lavazza* “A modo mio” and Lavazza Blue)
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  • Restaurant & Catering Cookware

    Restaurant & Catering Cookware

    Wholesale cookware is usually purchased by schools, commercial, institutional bodies, professional chefs Restaurant & Catering Cookware
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