Italian Food Has Multiple Influences

When it comes to Italian food, you need to understand that it was not just the Italians that shaped the way the food tastes or looks. There is a great deal of other influences that have moulded the Italian food that we know today, and if you really look hard enough you can actually see some of the other countries handy work and footprints on the cultures of Italy. The Greeks being close and convenient neighbours have had a hand in the Italian food scene, and while they have not always gotten along throughout history the Italians and Greeks have shared many recipes and made them better. The same can be aid for the Persians as well, as Arabs moved into the regions within Italy and left their mark as well.

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Sea Food Is A New Development

While the Italians have an abundance of coastlines the Italian food scene early on did not actually include seafood as a prime choice. It took the Greeks to show the Italians that seafood is plentiful and that you can actually make magnificent dishes with the likes of crustaceans and finned fish. There is a major Italian fish industry today, and it is most evident by the number of people that you find at the local fish markets on Saturday mornings. The Greeks introduced the Italians to fish recipes with white sauces and fine pasta, and the country of Italy embraced and practically adopted this fare as its own. Today, you will find many great Italian eateries that actually use seafood as their prime meal of choice and the sales on seafood plates go through the roof.

The Grain That Changed A Culture

If you were to look at what actually changed the culture of Italy the most in regards to Italian food, it would have to be the introduction of rice by the Arabs. When the Arabs made their way to Italy, they brought with them a grain now known as rice. This was brought to Italy through Spain, and Greece and actually did quite well in Italy when it settled. The land in Italy was well equipped to grow rice in crops, as it called for low flat land that was close to great water sources. Over the years the Italians used the rice to forge some of their most well-recognized recipes available today. And when you dine on Italian in a restaurant, you will notice many dishes that will be either served with rice as the main course or with the rice on the side.

There Is No Denying The Grand Scope Of The Cuisine

When it comes right down to it, there is no denying the grand scope of fine Italian food. Italian restaurants can be found in just about every major city in the world today, and this speaks volumes to the quality and appreciation of the food that the Italians enjoy on a daily basis. You will be hard-pressed to find a dish in the Italian menu that will not raise an eyebrow and make you curious to try.

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